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We are starting to transition to subscription pay models for all our indicators. This means that soon indicators will not be available for one-time purchase. We will be offering subscription bundles. If you are looking to own the indicators hurry up before the change.

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Transform Your Trading Strategy with Our Indicators 💡📈

Experience Consistent Profits and Improved Accuracy Today!

Trading is a probabilities game. By using the tools created by the Great Market Wizards before us, you gain an extra edge. Our typical client, increases win rate, win size and decreases loss size. Don't believe me? Look below

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Testimonials 🤑

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"Such an awesome indicator! Very helpful, making trading and life easier. Strong recommend!"


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Our Premium Indicators 😎

Available for sale and FREE 2DAY trail.
No credit cards required - just send a message!

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We provide customised solutions for the following platforms

Important notice we are NOT affiliated with neither of those partners below or any of the trading services that inspire us to build indicators like Simpler Trading or any of their individual traders.



For crypto and non-US clients



Favorite platform for our US clients



The classic and robust



For those with technical drive

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