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Raghee's VWAP MAX

Raghee's VWAP MAX

Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? Introducing the [TTI] Raghee VWAP MAX - Intraday script, a powerful tool designed to revolutionize your trading strategy and maximize your profits.

This script, inspired by the renowned trader Raghee Horner from Simpler Trading, is a game-changer for traders looking to gain an edge in the market. It's not just an indicator; it's a comprehensive trading tool that provides valuable insights into market trends and price volatility.


With the [TTI] Raghee VWAP MAX - Intraday script, you'll be able to accurately track the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), understand price volatility through standard deviation, and identify key price levels with the midpoint calculation.


    This script, titled " Raghee VWAP MAX - Daily", is a powerful tool based on the methodology inspired by Raghee Horner from Simpler Trading. Raghee Horner is a renowned name in the field of trading, and this script is a testament to her innovative approach to market analysis.

    🎯 ––––WHAT IT DOES
    The " Raghee VWAP MAX - Daily" script calculates and visualizes the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and its standard deviation. The VWAP is a benchmark used by traders that gives the average price a security has traded at throughout the day, based on both volume and price. The standard deviation of the VWAP is also calculated, providing insights into the volatility of the price. Additionally, the script calculates the high and low of the period, providing a range for the trading period.

    🛠️ ––––HOW TO USE IT
    To use this script, simply add it to your TradingView chart. The script will automatically calculate the VWAP, its standard deviation, and the high and low of the period. These calculations are then plotted on the chart, providing a visual representation of the VWAP and its volatility. This information can be used to inform your trading decisions. Traders usually look at the top of the VWAP (in the default version the purple bands) as places where the stock usually meets resistance and the bottom of the VWAP (the green bands) as support levels.

    An insightful technique is to start the calculations around important dates. These can be: IPOs, Earnings announcements, GapUps, Big Reversals or other you see fit.

    🚨Please remember that trading involves risk and is not suitable for all investors. Always consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. The current instance of the VWAP VMAX is using a Daily Input in order to start the calculations. For the intraday version please find our other script

    Disclaimer: This script is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. All credit for the underlying methodology and concept goes to Raghee Horner from Simpler Trading.


    For Tradingview:

    After you have purchased the indicator have to send us your TradingView username in order to get access.


    ThinkorSwim (available, but separate):

    Please send us an email and if you would like a ThinkorSwim version of this script. ThinkorSwim version is sold separetly from the TradingView version of the script and takes 5 days of delivery.

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    After payment is made, access to the script will be given within 2 hours


    If you are looking for Promo videos, where you can compare the original indicators to what we have creted there are plenty of public information in Youtube. If you have trouble finding them shoot us a message.