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Excited about Coding. Excited about Trading. Sharing with Community.

Staring your trading journey can be difficult. Usually people are drawn by a 'get rich quick' and often have unpleasant experiences. As long time members of communities like Simpler Trading, Minervini's Private Access, Stage Analysis, Trader Lion, IBD, AlphaTrends, StockMarketLabs and so on, we have studied and digested pretty much any trading service and methodology out there. Out of that we have developed our own indicators that replicate the tools of the best traders out there. Some tools are inspired by public videos on the web, others are built from compiling knowledge from books and classes.

We have developed these tools for our own use since we are full time traders. Because of our coding background and deep understanding of trading languages like PineScript or ThinkScript, we have been able to make all these tools 100% replicas of the tools of the Pros.

We would love to share those tools with you, since we are passionate about trading and coding

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