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Jon Tr3ndy Bands

Jon Tr3ndy Bands

Dive into the future of trading with our cutting-edge tool, meticulously designed to revolutionize your trading experience. Harness the power of dynamic Exponential Moving Averages, intuitive color schemes, and precise buy/sell signals. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned trader, the Tr3ndy Bands will elevate your market analysis, turning uncertainties into opportunities. Don't just follow the market—lead with Tr3ndy Bands!


    📜 ––––HISTORY & CREDITS––––
    The Jon Tr3ndy Bands script inspired by Jon MCKEEVER also known as Tr3ndy Jon or Jon the Trend. It is designed to provide traders with a visual representation of the market's trend using a combination of Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) and custom coloring schemes. The color schemes are determined by calculations performed by the script.

    🎯 ––––WHAT IT DOES––––
    ⭐️The Tr3ndy Bands script plots multiple EMAs on the chart, including Superfast, Fast, Slow, and Tr3nd EMAs. These EMAs are input in the settings of the indicator. Based on the EMAs provided the script performs various comparative calculations (comparing the recent action with the highs, lows, open and closes of the current bar) to determine bullish or bearish conditions and buy and sell signals. These EMAs serve as a probable dynamic support and resistance levels, helping traders identify potential trend reversals and continuation patterns.

    ⭐️Another unique thing is that the script offers a "Trendy Mode" that changes the coloring of the EMAs based on the prevailing calculated market trend.

    ⭐️Additionally, the script provides visual buy and sell signals using arrows, to suggest potential entry and exit points based on the calculations of the script.

    ⭐️The Tr3ndy Bands also offer the ability to color bars based on the trend direction, which could give a quick visual reference of the trend.

    ⭐️The cloud feature visually represents the area between two EMAs, giving traders a clearer picture of the market's momentum.

    ⭐️Alerts: The script provides alerts for bullish and bearish candle formations, notifying traders of potential trading opportunities.

    🛠️ ––––HOW TO USE IT––––
    👉Trendy Mode: Activate this mode to enable the unique coloring scheme based on the market trend.
    👉EMA Lengths: Adjust the lengths of the Superfast, Fast, Slow, and Tr3nd EMAs as per your preference.
    👉Color Bars: Enable this to change the coloring of the bars based on the trend direction.
    👉Show Arrows: Turn this on to display buy and sell arrows on the chart.
    👉Show Cloud: Activate this to display the cloud between two EMAs.

    Interpreting EMAs: When the Superfast EMA is above the Fast and Slow EMAs, it indicates a bullish trend. Conversely, when the Superfast EMA is below the Fast and Slow EMAs, it suggests a bearish trend.

    Buy and Sell Signals: Green upward-pointing arrows indicate potential buy opportunities, while red downward-pointing arrows signal potential sell opportunities.


    • Bull Color (Green): This color indicates bullish momentum or upward price movement. When bars, EMAs, or other elements are colored green, it suggests that the market is in a bullish phase.
    • Bear Color (Red): This color signifies bearish momentum or downward price movement. When elements are colored red, it indicates that the market is in a bearish phase.
    • Neutral Color (White): This color is used when the market is in a consolidation phase or when there's no clear trend direction. It acts as a neutral indicator, suggesting traders should be cautious.
    • Superfast Color (Bright Green): Represents the Superfast EMA. When this EMA is above others, it can indicate a strong bullish momentum.
    • Slow Color (Yellow): Represents the Slow EMA. It acts as a medium-term trend indicator. The relationship between the Superfast and Slow EMAs can provide insights into potential trend reversals or continuations.
    • Tr3nd Color (Purple): Represents the Tr3nd EMA, which is a longer-term trend indicator. Its position relative to other EMAs can give a broader perspective on the market's direction.
    • Tr3ndy bullish Color (Turquoise): This is a special color used in "Trendy Mode." It provides a different visual cue for bullish conditions, making it easier for traders to identify market phases when using the Trendy Mode.
    • Cloud Coloring: The cloud is the filled area between two EMAs. Its color provides a visual representation of the market's momentum:



    For Tradingview:

    After you have purchased the indicator have to send us your TradingView username in order to get access.


    ThinkorSwim (available, but separate):

    Please send us an email and if you would like a ThinkorSwim version of this script. ThinkorSwim version is sold separetly from the TradingView version of the script and takes 5 days of delivery.

  • TradingView Product

    Link to TradingView script


    After payment is made, access to the script will be given within 2 hours


    If you are looking for Promo videos, where you can compare the original indicators to what we have creted there are plenty of public information in Youtube. If you have trouble finding them shoot us a message.


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