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Turbo VZO Oscillator and VZO Signals

Turbo VZO Oscillator and VZO Signals

Introducing the Ultimate Trading Indicator Package: VZO Signals & VZO Oscillator

Unlock the power of two exceptional trading indicators designed to help you confidently navigate the markets – VZO Signals and VZO Oscillator. Developed with the discerning trader in mind, these two tools provide a comprehensive solution for spotting potential buy and sell opportunities. Utilizing volume and momentum analysis, these indicators offer a robust and visually intuitive approach to identifying market entry and exit points. Make smarter, more informed trading decisions with the VZO Signals and VZO Oscillator package – your ultimate trading companion.


    💎VZO Signals–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


    VZO Signals is an advanced indicator inspired by the Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO), first introduced by Walid Khalil in the 2009 International Federation of Technical Analysis Journal and later developed by David Steckler in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine in May 2011. As a part of Danielle Shay's Short Interest Secrets class, the Turbo VZO Signals indicator is a companion study to the Turbo VZO Oscillator, which is based on VZO. It has been adapted from Danielle Shay's Simpler Trading Turbo VZO. [TTI] Simpler Turbo VZO Oscillator - Danielle

    ––––WHAT IT DOES 💡

    The Turbo VZO Signals indicator synergizes with the Turbo VZO Oscillator, combining volume and momentum analysis to identify major and minor buy and sell opportunities. Displaying arrows on the chart corresponding to the oscillator's movement, it offers an easy-to-read visual guide for traders:

    👉 Bright green for major buy,

    👉 Dark green for minor buy,

     👉 Bright red for major sell,

    👉 Dark red for minor sell,

    👉 White for zero line crosses.

    ––––HOW TO USE IT 🔧

    For optimal use of the Turbo VZO Signals indicator, familiarize yourself with the relationship between the indicator and the Turbo VZO Oscillator. The arrows generated by Turbo VZO Signals help traders pinpoint potential buy and sell opportunities:

    👉 Major Buy (Bright Green Arrow): Indicates a strong buy signal when the oscillator enters the oversold area.

    👉 Minor Buy (Dark Green Arrow): Suggests a weaker buy signal when the oscillator is in the oversold area.

    👉 Major Sell (Bright Red Arrow): Signals a strong sell opportunity when the oscillator enters the overbought area.

    👉 Minor Sell (Dark Red Arrow): Indicates a weaker sell signal when the oscillator is in the overbought area.

    👉 Zero Line Cross (White Arrow): Occurs when the oscillator crosses the zero line, confirming that buyers are coming in.

    Take note that the VZO oscillator can cross the zero line multiple times (chop) before the price commits to a move. Enhance the effectiveness of the Turbo VZO Signals indicator by combining it with other technical analysis tools and a thorough understanding of market conditions.

    💎 VZO Oscillator–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


    The Simpler Turbo VZO Pro - Danielle is inspired by the Turbo VZO from Simpler Trading and created by Danielle Shay. Building upon the foundation of the Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO), it incorporates additional features to make the VZO more user-friendly and effective for identifying trading signals.


    ––––WHAT IT DOES 💡

     The Simpler Turbo VZO Pro - Danielle is a volume and momentum indicator that analyzes volume inflows and outflows. It identifies when volume is extended or cratering at a bottom and provides easy-to-read visual cues for overbought and oversold conditions, as well as potential buy and sell signals.The indicator features three zones:

    🔴Red Zone (Overbought): The sell signal zone, with the first red line indicating a minor sell, and the top of the zone signaling a major sell.

    🟡Yellow Zone (Chop Zone): This zone represents consolidation, where price action may be choppy and directionless.

    🟢Green Zone (Oversold): The buy signal zone, with the first green line indicating a minor buy, and the bottom of the zone signaling a major buy.

    The Turbo VZO oscillator is filtered and color-coded to visually help reduce noise and false confirmation signals, providing more confirmed buy and sell signals.

    The calculations for the Simpler Turbo VZO Pro involve using Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) to calculate the Volume Price (VP) and Total Volume (TV) based on the length input provided.

    ––––HOW TO USE IT 🔧

    To use the Simpler Turbo VZO Danielle, follow these steps:

    👉 Observe the Turbo VZO oscillator and its position relative to the three zones (red, yellow, and green). This will help you identify potential buy and sell signals.

    👉 When the VZO crosses over the zero line, it confirms that buyers are entering the market. However, note that the VZO can cross the zero line multiple times before price commits to a move, leading to choppy price action.

    👉 Use the Turbo VZO in conjunction with other indicators from Danielle's Short Interest Secrets class, such as Turbo VZO Signals and Turbo Trend Strength Candles, for better accuracy and confirmation.

    Remember to consider the Simpler Turbo VZO Pro - Danielle as one tool among others in your trading strategy, and always practice proper risk management.


    For Tradingview:

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    ThinkorSwim (available, but separate):

    Please send us an email and if you would like a ThinkorSwim version of this script. ThinkorSwim version is sold separetly from the TradingView version of the script and takes 5 days of delivery.

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    If you are looking for Promo videos, where you can compare the original indicators to what we have creted there are plenty of public information in Youtube. If you have trouble finding them shoot us a message.


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