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Tr3ndy Edges

Tr3ndy Edges

Tired of always trading against the market's momentum? Step into the realm of the "Big Players" with Tr3ndy Jon’s Supply and Demand System. Dive into a world where a consistent 70%+ win rate is not just a dream but a reality. Tr3ndy Jon’s secret? Tapping into the institutional supply and demand zones that dictate the market's major swings. With a system that’s as straightforward as it is potent, you can finally break free from the shackles of your monitor. Discover a life where you can outsmart institutions, all while living on your own terms. Dive into Tr3ndy Edges now and redefine your trading game!



    The "[TTI] Jon Tr3ndy Edges" is a versatile trend-following indicator that allows traders to visually identify market trends across various timeframes. Its primary objective is to showcase potential market edges (levels) based on the principle of historical price levels and fibonacci (more on calculations in Section 2 - WHAT IT DOES).



    [TTI} Jon's Tr3ndy Edges was created from me studying the methodology of Jonathan McKeever, also known as "Trendy Jon", who is an options trader from the Simpler Trading community. He is known for his skills of identifying potential supply and demand zones on the price chart.


    🛠️––––WHAT IT DOES

    1) User-friendly Inputs: The indicator is equipped with multiple inputs for the users, such as:

    • Enabling or disabling Edges, Daily, and Targets
    • Selection between NONE, LINES, and ARROWS for Accel/Decel
    • Enabling cloud display
    • Positioning for Banner labels on the chart

    2)Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Edges: This is the main part of the indicator. The indicator is calculating the relative position of the current price to the historical highs and lows using statistical Fibonacci multiples to determine exact levels. By leveraging these high and low values across various timeframes, it identifies potential upper, mid and lower edges (levels). These edges serve as potential support and resistance levels. There are 4 edges that are currently available through the indicators:

    • Yearly - High, Mid and Low - blue
    • Monthly  High, Mid and Low - purple
    • Weekly -  High, Mid and Low - yellow
    • Daily -  High, Mid and Low - orange

    3) Clouds - these are fills around the edges that provide potential 'safe zones' between levels. The clouds use are calculated based on the actual edge levels from 2) with a multiplier to determine after which level the zone have been breached and is no longer valid.


    4)Accel/Decel Arrows: The script can place arrows (or dots, depending on inputs in settings) on the chart to provide visual cues for acceleration or deceleration in the trend. The arrow will indicate that if a price moves above a level there is probable momentum acceleration into that direction. The levels of the arrows are also determined based on the calculations in 2)


    5)Targets: The indicator provides potential target levels based on historical Edge calculations, which can guide the user in considering take-profit or stop-loss orders.


    6)Banner (Labels): Separetely, the indicator shows a comprehensive Banners label that describes the trend condition on different timeframes like Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. These labels can be moved around the screen (based on inputs in the settings) to be positioned at the most convenient place

    Customizability: Users can customize the appearance, including edge colors, for each timeframe.


    💡 ––––HOW TO USE IT

    • Install the indicator on the chart and add it to your main trading timeframe (example for me is Daily)
    • Enable the required zones, for me these are Yearly, Monthly and Weekly
    • Consult the Banner for the long, intermediate and short term trends - I would like to see all of these Green, if I am looking for a long trade
    • Look for confluence (overlapping) of levels to determine possibilities of price pauses. For instance, if you are a breakout trader like me, you can look for the breakout to pause, stop or reverese at levels where there are Yearly, Monthly and Weekly levels overlapping 
    • Alternatively, you can look for using the Tr3ndy Edges as a stop determining level.


    👀––––VISUAL EXAMPLES––––







    For Tradingview:

    After you have purchased the indicator have to send us your TradingView username in order to get access.


    ThinkorSwim (available, but separate):

    Please send us an email and if you would like a ThinkorSwim version of this script. ThinkorSwim version is sold separetly from the TradingView version of the script and takes 5 days of delivery.

  • TradingView Product

    Link to TradingView script


    After payment is made, access to the script will be given within 2 hours


    If you are looking for Promo videos, where you can compare the original indicators to what we have creted there are plenty of public information in Youtube. If you have trouble finding them shoot us a message.


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