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MultiTimeframe Momentum Labels

MultiTimeframe Momentum Labels

If momentum trading and breakouts are your cup of tea, this incidator is a must have. Review key momentum trading states on 14 different timeframes. Make sure you can see with a single glance when everything aligns. 


Multitimeframe confirmation is the number 1 secret to trading gurus like Mark Minervini, Jessie Livermore, William O'Neil and John Carter.


With this indicator you can catch explosive moves like never before.


    The script calculates and displays information for different important indicators based on multiple timeframes. There are 14 timeframes, which can be fully customised ( aka they can be defined from the settings of the indicator).

    • Line 1 - Squeeze Pro on various timeframes. The indicator has 4 states. 
      • X means there is no squeeze
      • White dot if there is a wide squeeze
      • Red dot if there is a normal squeeze
      • Orange dot if there is a tight squeeze


    • Line 2 - Momentum of the Squeeze pro with Arrows pointing