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MTF Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands

MTF Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands

Moving Averages are the bread and butter of many strategies! With this indicator you can customise and plot up to 6 moving avearges and 1 bollinger band on you chart.  

The Moving averages can be plot on different timeframes and/or customised to see only their last value in the form of a label.  Option for different calculation methods are availble:

  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Exponential Moving Average (SMA)
  • Weighted Moving Average (WMA)
  • Volume-Weighted Moving Average (VWMA)
  • Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA)
  • Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA)
  • Tripple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)
  • Hull Moving Average (HullMA)
  • Zero-lag Exponential Moving Average (ZEMA)


An optional setting allows use of a small MA value box.

The Bollinger Band is also customisavble for higher timeframe and you can even choose different standard deviation settings for the Upper and Lower Band.



    For Tradingview:

    FREE. After you have purchased the indicator have to send us your TradingView username in order to get access.

  • TradingView Product

    Link to TradingView script


    After payment is made, access to the script will be given within 2 hours

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