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Alert Index

Alert Index

The script is created based on lessons and interviews from Stan Weinstein. The Alert Index is being used by Stan and his team to gauge the general markets.



    This is an internal fundamental indicator that Stan and its team uses, that gauges the relationship between the 3 month T bill yield and the AAA bonds. The indicator uses the 3 colored system to determine favorable trading conditions in the market.🟨 Yellow – OK conditions🟩 Green – Great conditions🟥 Red – Unfavorable conditionsRemember this is a fundamentals indicator and looks at the market from a much more macro picture.

    The indicator is to be used in order to determine the agressiveness of the position sizing in the market. Green conditions show very favorable market for long positions and yellow show ok conditions. However, during red condition the trader is advised not to be aggressively exposed in the market


    Get the indicator for FREE:

    This indicator is part of our Stage Analysis course, so if you have purchased the Stage Analysis course, follow the instructions how to get access to the indciator for free.


    For Tradingview:

    After you have purchased the indicator have to send us your TradingView username in order to get access.


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    After payment is made, access to the script will be given within 2 hours

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