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Top Stocks 2022

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Learn from the big winners of the past year and develop the skill to recognise the high probability patters 📚PRODUCT INCLDUES: • 150 pages Model Book of the 2022 winners. • Top 10 stocks fully annotated with base analysis, price action across key points during the year and fundamentals (across 40 pages). Another 37 stocks included to train your own eyes. ❝| “Study past big winners and you’ll buy future ones” - William O’Neil 🔎DEEP DIVE ANALYSIS 👉Get a deep analysis of the top 10 stocks of 2022. All the evidence that the big leaders from 2022 presented on their way to making +100% returns. 👉Glance all the bases throughout 2022 that the big stocks have made and look at their respective buy points. 👉Price Action Analysis covers all important tales for that a stock is going higher or consolidating. We refer to those as the violations/confirmations of a stock. 👉The fundamental picture shows a MarketSmith chart of performance of key fundamentals. 👉Finally there is a story on the actual business of each stock.

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