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Signals & EIO

Signals & EIO

Another tool from John Carter's toolbox.  Use the same tools he does to get in on more, bigger, and faster setups and to know when to leave. THREE dynamic filters in the Squeeze Pro dynamically adjust to market fluctuations.


The Signals EIO Tool is intended to provide you with an early "heads up" and thus a competitive advantage. This improved version is calibrated to the three Squeeze Pro power levels, and it's a leading indicator. The idea, as the name implies, is to predict when momentum is likely to shift AND when a Squeeze is about to fire.


    The EIO gives signal to the trader of getting earlier on explosive moves. The goal is to anticipate when the momentum is about to turn and when the Squeeze is about to fire.

    The signals indicate direction of momentum and the likely direction of a move if a breakout of the squeeze occurs. Th