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AI Quant Arrows

AI Quant Arrows

QuantAI is a new way to look at price action. It shows hidden levels under the surface where algos start to trade. Definetly a great tool to validate take profit and stop losses.


    ––––History & Credit 📚
    This indicator is inspired from JC's from Simpler QuantPivots. In an open video he claims to have reversed engineered the levels of a $14M AI Quant Computer. I manage to recreate the indicator and it is a 99% match to his.

    –––––What it does ⚙️
    The script calculates zones where it has been backtested that have high probability of resistance.
    The levels are dynamic and adjusted by price action.
    Price action within the level H1 and L1 represent the norm of price action.
    Outside this level there is high probability that algos will enter to push the prices down.

    –––––This indicator is NOT any of the following: 🚫

    • Average True Range (ATR)
    • Fibonacci Analysis
    • Average Daily Range (ADR)
    • Expected moves calculated by Greeks

    –––––How to use it 🧠
    There are different strategies. Option traders can use the levels for strategies that bet movement between two points. For this the stats can be quite useful. See below section STATS👇
    Stock traders can use the levels as a take-profits or identify places where a stock might bounce.

    –––––STATS 🧮
    Stats are also available for this indicator! Stats appear when the timeframe of Analysis is the same as the Chart timeframe. See picture below.


    For Tradingview:

    After you have purchased the indicator have to send us your TradingView username in order to get access.

  • TradingView PRODUCT

    Link to TradingView script


    After payment is made, access to the script will be given within 2 hours


    If you are looking for Promo videos, where you can compare the original indicators to what we have creted there are plenty of public information in Youtube. If you have trouble finding them shoot us a message.

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