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How long do I have access to premium indicators?

Any TradingView Indicator that you purchase from us will give you a lifetime access to the script.

What about updates?

Any updates that we do to the indicators will be free of charge, if you have already bought them.

Can these indicators be used for crypto?

Our indicators work on all asset classes. Crypto, Equities, Forex etc.

Can the indicators be customised?

All indicators that we provide have flexible options and can be customised in the settings menu, so no coding experience is required.

Can you make me a custom indicator?

Let us help you turn your trading strategy into a powerful indicator, scan, and backtester.

Do you have videos or intro materials how to use the indicators?

We have loads of information about how to use the indicators. We are currently compiling free of charge instructions as well as premium courses.

I have difficulty seeing the indicator?

If you have purchased an indicator from us and added it to the charts, make sure you reload the chart with a new ticker, so that the indicator can recalculate all values.

How long after payment do I get access?

We promise access within 2 hours of purchasing. We are based in Europe, and since access giving is manual, please be patient if you are purchasing during night hours in Europe

Can I get a free trail?

We give out free 2 day trials to our indicators. If you would like a free trial, send us a message over TradingView or via email with your username.

Can I get a bundle discount?

We offer additional discounts to clients if you purchase value is over $450.

Are pre-order indicators available for trial?

No. The pre-order indicators require specific developments and hence are not available for trial or return.

Can I return order?

All orders are final after payment. Free trials are available before purchasing for testing of the tools.

Do you offer referral credits if I bring in customers?

Yes! We give out referral credits if you bring in new clients to our platform. The credits can be used for future purchases or be given out in cash or crypto

Do you accept crypto?

Yes! We accept crypto payments, please send us an email if you would like to pay in crypto.

How to add indicators to your chart?

After your order is confirmed by us and we have granted you access, you must add your indicators to your chart.

How to add indicators to Desktop/Laptop/Computer

1. Go to the TradingView website and log in to your account.

2. Click on “Chart” or open any chart (“Full-featured chart”).

3. Click on “the Indicators and Strategies” icon [ƒx] located at the top of the TradingView chart panel, or click anywhere in the chart and press the ÷ key.

4. A new window will appear showing all the public scripts and invite-only indicators and strategies.

5. Click on “Invite-only scripts” to gain access. Select the TradingCanyon indicator/s you want to use and click on the indicator name to add the indicator script to your account and chart. You are now ready to go!

It is very important that you optimize the indicator settings. Each financial instrument has its own rhythm, so you must adjust and fine tune settings to optimize the trading signals.

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